To you, the survivor, suicide means the death of one dearly loved... a death that was sudden and perhaps violent... a death that resulted from your loved one's choice to die. In addition to your natural grieving, you are also dealing with the knowledge that your pain is the result of their decision.

Suicide can have a devastating effect on those who are left behind. It's like a driving force slamming into what had once been perceived as relatively stable... shattering the lives and relationships of survivors.

You, the survivor, have a choice: To grow bitter or to grow better.

The grief that follows suicide is extremely difficult. It is complicated and often isolates the survivors: friends and acquaintances may be uncomfortable talking about the event. Natural grief reactions are intensified and special conflicts are created when suicide is the cause of death.

We hope to combat this isolation by allowing the joining together of people who have experienced this form of loss. Our purpose is to help survivors deal with the impact of a suicidal death. We cannot take the pain away but we can encourage the healthy resolution of grief by offering understanding, acceptance, and support. As a group we will have the opportunity to share techniques for coping and surviving.




Strength and healing can be gained by sharing your feelings about your loss without fear of judgment or censure. These feeling commonly include guilt, confusion, rejection, shame, anger and fear. We seek to provide an environment where you will feel safe in exploring your reactions to your loss and pain.

Involvement is this support group does not replace therapy. The healing that occurs here results from the understanding, caring, and encouragement shared among group members.

Group facilitators are volunteers who have received extensive training in the grieving process, crisis intervention and group dynamics.

The support group is not affiliated with any religious creed or denomination.

Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected. What is shared with the group says with the group.

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