• Recognize the warning signals.
  • Express your concern and your interest
  • Offer your support
  • Ask directly about the suicidal thoughts. You will not be putting ideas into the person’s mind.
  • Take every suicide threat, comment, or action seriously.
  • Express that you care.
  • Listen. Try to understand what the person is feeling. You do not have to solve the person’s problem or offer advice.
  • Encourage the expression of feelings.
  • Offer acceptance
  • Share your feelings: that you, too, have felt alone, sad, hurt, or hopeless at some time.
  • Offer hope that alternatives are available. Be careful not to offer oversimplified or false reassurances which show you do not understand.
  • Seek support. Get help. Together identify options and seek someone else with whom you can talk.

Suicide Prevention

Warning Signs of Suicide

Call (530) 244-2222



8am to 8pm

7 Days a Week



Email: help@helpshasta.org

for non-emergencies only

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