The Community Resource Directory is available on disk (Windows) and will be available later on the web through the Help, Inc website. It has over 500 listings of services and resources available to the north state. A detailed description of each service is listed alphabetically. Agencies and groups are listed in the directory index by problem category. Many toll-free listings of state and national services are included. Local support groups are listed in each problem situation. If you would like the CRD on the web please let us know. Demand will determine if this will be done. The cost will be $64.00 and will be available by password.

The disk version of the Community Resource Directory lists over 800 programs available to north state residents. It is a Windows-based program. Information is categorized using a broad list of "key words" from AARP to Youth. The search can be fine-tuned by using geographic locations by city or county. Many national, state and local listings are available and it is updated weekly. The purchase price is $64.95, which includes tax, shipping and handling. Six months after purchase, one FREE update is available upon request.

Proceeds from the Community Resource Directory sales help support Helpline. Anyone in a helping profession will find the directory a valuable resource for helping community members find assistance with food, transportation, support groups, case management, financial assistance, debt management, prevention and intervention programs, Medi-Cal, legal counseling, crisis assistance, domestic violence, and drug/alcohol programs are just some of the listings.

The Community Resource directory is a valuable resource for social workers, mental health Professionals, doctors, churches, or any "helping" professional.

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