Feeling hopeless? Lost?

Thinking about suicide?

Feel like you can't go on?

Want to talk to someone?

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(530) 244-2222

8am to 8pm

7 Days a Week

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Every call is strictly confidential

Help, Inc. HELPLINE needs volunteers to answer telephones on our Crisis line. We will soon start a training program. People involved in this come from ALL walks of life and attend a four week class Tuesday and Thursday each week from 5:30 to 8 PM prior to sitting with experienced volunteers to learn how to handle the calls. A training manual will be provided along with speakers on various topics and role play demonstrating types of calls we receive.

-      We are active listeners who provide a non-judgmental, unbiased, non-discriminatory, and understanding ear to callers in crisis, considering suicide, and those who need emotional support or just someone to talk to. We may also give referrals to callers who may need them.

-      Call the Helpline at the number above or the business line at (530) 244-2211 or email us at .

-      Join our family and give something back to the community.

Call (530) 244-2222



8am to 8pm

7 Days a Week




for non-emergencies only


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